Sash Window Repairs & Period Restoration work

From releasing stuck windows to re-manufacturing new parts we carry out a wide range of services for Sash windows. 

We also do brickwork repairs and pointing too.

External painting a Georgian house
New pullies on a sash window repair in Lincoln
Sash window repairs in Lincoln



Our Procedure


The inner Staff bead, lower sash, parting bead and upper sash are removed. The covers hiding the weights are opened and the weights and cords removed. Any areas of repair are identified.

Excess paint is removed from the sides of the frame and sashes where they run against each other. The upper sash is then trial fitted and adjusted for best fit against the top of the frame before a slot it machined into the top edge. Into this is fitted a draught proofing strip.

The sash is then weighed versus its weights before being refitted with new cords and extra lead weight as required

A new parting bead between the sashes is then fitted with a version that contains a brush that seals against the sides of the sashes.

The lower sash is then trial fitted. The aim is to get the meeting rail ( rail onto which the lock is fitted ) to line up with that of the upper sash as much as possible. When windows are out of square, this can mean removal of material on one side and addition on the opposite side. Once this has been done, slots are machined into the meeting rail and bottom rail of the sash and a draught proofing brush fitted into these areas. This sash is then refitted with new cords and corrected weights.

New staff beads are then fitted that contain a draught proofing brush that seals around the edges of the lower sash. Finally a lock is fitted if appropriate before checking the action and seal of the window.

Rebiult Sash window in for repair in Lincoln


Replacing Spald Bricks & Pointing


Cutting out ready for lime mortar pointingg